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Lake Erie at Sunset

I’m not from Ohio. When I was a teenager and my mother told me we were leaving my home state of Alaska to come here, I never imaged I would find myself saying the words, "Ohio is beautiful", but here we are... because it is.

Photographing outdoors means I get to spend a lot of time in some really fantastic locations in this state. All of them beautiful, but I think my maternity session on the shore of Lake Erie at sunset last week takes the cake.

I purposely arrived almost an hour before my client was due to show up, so I could sit on the rocks and just listen to the waves breaking. The sun was already fairly low in the sky when I got there, and I watched as everything around me slowly became tinted with orange and pink. The warmth of the sunset was reflected in the lake, off the wet sand... it was truly stunning. And somehow I was lucky enough to get to have a family maternity session in this.

At one point, I waded out into the lake a few feet, trying to get a good shot of the entire family (mom brought along her husband and 2 tons) and a wave crashed into me filling my (seemingly well planned) rubber boots with lake water. When I got back to my car I stripped my leggings and boots off, knowing it was a 90 minute drive home from Huntington Reservation in Cleveland for me. I figured barefoot would be more comfortable, and I was right.

I'm now anxiously awaiting my next beach session next week. Give me all the mamas in the water with round pregnant bellies and crashing waves and I will be in heaven.

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