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Lola Fresh 48

I always feel incredibly honored when I am asked to join a family in their birthing space, either to document their birth, or immediately afterward for a Golden Hour or Fresh 48 session. There's just something really special about being with a family as they gain a new member.

I went to Akron City Hospital a little less than 24 hours after Lola was born. Her mother has been my dear friend for half my life, and I was so excited to capture their first moments together. Dad kept older brother away until I got there so I could get his reaction in photos and man, it was worth the wait.

Mom had an incredibly fast labor and delivery. We're talking a matter of less than 5 hours from water breaking until birth, all spontaneous with no interventions.

I walked into the hospital room and immediately am taken by surprise by this tiny little creature with so much fluffy, jet black hair. When her older brother was born, he had the most perfect little lips, and almost no hair to speak of so I was fairly shocked, as were her parents.

I spent about 3 hours chatting with the family and documenting their first moments as a family of 4. From the moment big brother walked in, he wanted to hold her and kept saying that she loved their mommy. Be still my heart, right?

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1 Comment

Kourtnie Walker Scholz
Kourtnie Walker Scholz
Sep 25, 2018

oh wow wow wow! I LOVE the black and white ones with brother and dad. These are all just stunning!

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