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Welcome to the world, Bailey

Every birth I have the privilege to be a witness to is different, and magical in its own way.

Labor Day 2018 I was a part of something incredibly serene and honestly, pretty mind blowing.

It started with a text at 5:30 pm from mama. "water broke, being admitted". 2 weeks before her due date, and after I had been joking with my husband that it was Labor Day, how funny would it be if I got called to a birth?

The next update I got, mom was at 8 cm just a few short hours later and I was rushing out the door to make it to Akron City Hospital.

When I walked into room 239, I saw Briana walking...calmly... at now 9 cm dilated. We had a conversation. She walked, and walked, and walked... pausing ever so often to breathe through a contraction, then continuing on her silent walk, determination and strength written across her face.

When the midwife finally talked mom into laying down and she was ready to push... she was silent.

No pain relief. No epidural. Just an incredibly strong first time mom, shocking the entire room of family and seasoned birth workers alike.

less than an hour of pushing, and baby Bailey was in her mama's arms. Immediately her eyes were wide open, and she knew exactly what she wanted. She settled at the breast as soon as it was offered to her, and she very loudly voiced her opinions on being removed from this happy place on her mother's chest every time a well meaning nurse suggested it may be time to check her weight and measurements.

Friends, grandparents, and aunties all made their way into the birth room to greet this new little being. Tears, laughter, sincere congratulations and admiration for how incredibly strong and stoic mama was during this very unique birth experience.

I left the room in the early hours of the morning, the day after Labor Day. I made it home just before the sun came up, and climbed into bed with my own sweet little baby with just enough time to soak up some of the perfect baby love of my own.

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