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Logan's Birth

I met Logan's sweet mama when she hired me to take her maternity photos and we instantly hit it off. She's got this super laidback, earth mama energy that I just love.

A week after her due date, she informed me that she was being induced, and I awaited the call all morning telling me to join her at the hospital.

I arrived just as they were breaking her water, and things quickly began progressing. Induced labors are often very intense, and this one was no exception. She kept her powerful, calm energy through her entire labor. It was really incredible to witness.

Her best friend and her fiancé were her labor support, and seeing them put so much of themselves into working with and cheering mama on... it brought me to tears at times during her labor, and ever more so when I was editing her images in the following days. You can just SEE the love in every image.

The nursing staff at this hospital had NEVER worked with a birth photographer, but they were absolutely amazing. They repeatedly moved out of my way to allow me to capture moments, and the OB who delivered went so far as to move a spotlight to help me get a better angle during crowing. I can’t say good enough things about the staff at Metro Hospital in Cleveland, they were incredible.

Induction began at 7 am, and after many hours of labor and just over an hour of pushing, baby Logan was lovingly welcomed into a room with hardly a dry eye to be found, just before midnight.

I have given birth twice, and witnessed the births of many babies at this point, and it never loses its magic for me, and I don’t think it ever will.

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Amy Wishart
Amy Wishart
Aug 11, 2018

Wow. What beautiful images. I love the cord shot, one of my favorites from birth. You have captured so much emotion. Well done.


Maggie Williams
Maggie Williams
Aug 10, 2018

These birth images are powerful and beautiful <3 I love how you described Mama having "earth mama energy"--sounds like my kind of lady! She's clearly a warrior woman.


Aug 10, 2018

First off, that cord is so healthy and blue! Full of nutrients for baby! Inductions are such wild cards, I am sure they are so thankful you knew when to arrive and to have you document this beautiful raw experience for them. Her emotions seeing her babe just have me tearing up!

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